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It's about turning great ideas into digital solutionsOur core technical expertise is in developing web-based software (web applications). That could mean software as a service (SaaS), or an integrated application that automates your business processes. You might simply call the end result “a website” or “a database”.

You might think that to ensure success, serious software projects require large teams and even larger budgets. But the truth is that even if you go down that route, the risks are high. OK, so your big name supplier might deliver the specified features according to the terms of the contract. But that doesn’t mean the end product will be a hit with your users! Besides, not everyone has the budget to take the ‘Hollywood’ approach to software development.

What if you’re an entrepreneur starting a new online venture? Or an owner-manager of a smaller business wanting to invest in internet technologies [for profit], or an “intrapreneur” working for a larger organisation, who is willing to innovate? You probably can’t say “money is no object”. But you don’t want to take the risk of working with freelancers either. So, if you have an ambitious goal with technical challenges and are serious about seeing them through, where can you find the combination of expertise, reliability and affordability?

Meet Our TeamTeamwork is the result of team players, working together.

Proven software development experience in PHP, Codeigniter, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, MySQL, MS ACCESS, MSSQL, MongoDB

A. Mahilaj

Co-founder & CEO, Core Developer

Management of sales, Engaging in project management duties, Maintaining good relationships with clients

E. Mahilaj

Co-founder & CEO, Account manager

Supports technical issues on web-based applications and database-driven websites.

A. Veizaj

Technical Support

Writing and editing content Designing webpage layout Updating websites Creating back up files.

A. Tushe


Installing, configuring and maintaining servers hardware and software, upgrading software and backup and recovery tasks, security policies.

P. Murati

System Administrator

Maybe You?

Designer, Developer

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